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We partner with asset managers and provide working capital to meet their growth needs, offering support in operations, business and product strategy and marketing. Through our distribution affiliates we are also able to provide support with fund distribution.


Global HF AuM $ trillion (JPM Survey)


No. of funds in the industry


Percentage of fund's with AUM < $1 billion


Industry break-even AUM $ million

Our Resources

Working Capital

We identify your working capital requirement to sustain your business over a realistic timescale to allow you to grow.

Interim Staff

We second C-level staff to your business to help you achieve short-term goals and enhance your business credibility.

Corporate Governance

We provide independent board oversight to demonstrate sound corporate governance and impartiality.

Marketing Communications

We advise you on your marketing strategy and how to present your business and investment strategy to potential investors.

Business Strategy

We work with you on a vision for your business and develop a plan to develop necessary infrastructure.

Long-term Partnership

We are a long-term venture partner for your business aligned with you to help your business grow.

Managed & Advised $17+bn Across Multiple Asset Classes

Our Process

Our relationship will begin with a workshop where we assess where you are in your growth and business planning trajectory and how we may best help you.

We review the current and projected commercials of your business and evaluate how we may work together and find a basis for alignment.

We closely examine the current teams’ background and credentials and assess potential competence and experience gaps that need to be filled in.

We conduct a rigorous assessment of your business using our proprietary 8P process, which will inform us on the path our collaboration can take.

We design an execution plan over the following 100 days to crystallise our collaboration with you, and address the high-priority items needed to move your business forward.

Case Studies

... you have been and remain a star in bringing forward the momentum of the offer.

– Client Board Member


We work with asset managers from all asset classes, sectors and geographies. Our typical potential partners are emerging managers, i.e. managers with the below characteristics. We use these as a guide only, not as hard limits:

  • asset managers with AuM under $500 million
  • asset managers under 5 years of operating history
  • asset managers with CIO / PM holding significant equity interest in the management company
  • asset managers with current shareholders can demonstrate commitment to their business over the medium to long-term

As your partner, you can expect that our focus will be on building a sustainable and profitable asset management business. This will involve working with you to develop a long-term strategy for your business, including expanding your product offering beyond a single fund. This will also involve working out a credible path to acquiring necessary resources and team to be able to deliver on these goals.

We use our Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) program which involves the inclusion of a highly seasoned interim CEO / COO / CFO 1-5 days per week, to support the growth of your business when required.

We act primarily as a long-term partner, with our equity program implying a minimum of a three-year engagement. Our joint goals with you will keep evolving as your business grows. You will continue to benefit from a highly involved and motivated team supporting your business over the long-term horizon, with the added benefit of re-assuring investors that you have the support of a long-term equity partner.

For asset managers who only require short-term assistance with specific projects, we can offer customised versions of our venture partner program. Please contact us on the details below to arrange a conversation.

When we engage with asset management teams, we typically enter into a long-term commitment, and therefore require many man-hours upfront to validate an opportunity. Our team members all come from the buy side and take a thorough approach to due diligence. In addition to the usual legal and commercial DD required to evidence your business, we will typically review the below items:

  • Team bios and interviews
  • 10 references per key person in the business
  • Current and past performance track record, including access to portfolio models
  • On-site visits including “working alongside your team”

We take an equity stake in our portfolio companies, with some of our services requiring a cash component.

Our equity model starts with around 25% of the voting interest in the asset management business. The exact level will depend on minority protection laws relevant to the jurisdiction where your asset management business is based.

The total amount and the relative proportion between equity and cash will be dependent on your resourcing requirements and our costs in supporting you. This can vary substantially between managers and will therefore be subject to an assessment of your individual requirements.

Are you clairvoyant?

– Client (fund fraud)

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Arrange a workshop with the team.
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